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Dollhouse Column: “Torn between Two Passions”

You can go with this, or you can go with that.

Decisions, decisions.

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- V

Dollhouse Column: “How Will I Fit In School?”

Being yourself. Finding friends. Struggling with comparisons. Feeling like the odd one out.

Definitely something we’ve all been through. But we explain further.

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- V

Dollhouse Column: “Chasing happiness and spirituality”

This article was more personal to me.

If there are things I’ve learned lately, it’s how much I wanted myself to change. In the years I started modeling and my media career, I’ve chased after things I thought would make me happy. I was convinced having accomplished certain things would guarantee me a good life, whether it was by wearing a certain brand or by being seen in a certain place, or even being associated with a certain group of “it” people. I thought to myself, once you checked off every item in the “How to be liked” list, happiness would follow.

But it never really did. In fact, the more I decorated myself with labels of what I thought I wanted, the things that made me look good on the outside, the further I seemed to be from attaining any kind of happiness.”

Find out how I found my way out of that rut HERE

Thank Goodness.

May you find your own source of joy within :)



Dollhouse Column: Our ‘May’ wishes for you

For the month of May, Sarah and I wanted to write down our wishes for you.

To my family, my friends, my love, my enemy, my country, and to myself.

Here is what I have to say